“The Monkey King 2” Premieres in Hong Kong


The extremely anticipated movie “Monkey King 2” premiered in Hong Kong on Monday, with stars of the movie Aaron Kwok, Gong Li and Kelly Chen amongst others attending.

Kwok, who performed the evil the villain in the first movie, replaces Donnie Yen as the new Monkey King.

The new villain ‘White Skeleton Demon’ is portrayed by the well famed actress, Gong Li.

Gong praised Kwok as a worthy opponent on screen and joked if it wasn’t for him, it would not have been so hard to eat the master in the film.

Aaron Kwok, sporting red, says he hopes everybody can come see the movie during the Chinese New Years.

“During Chinese New Year, everyone wants to spend time with family and go to the theater to watch a great film. I hope everyone likes our film after they watch it. Bring your family to support our film.”
The singer-actress Kelly Chen will play Guan Yin, “God of Mercy” recognized for her compassionate heart, within the film.

“The Monkey King 2” tells the story of the Monkey King and the way he rebels towards the evil White Skeleton Demon and protects the master on the journey to the west.

“The Monkey King 2” will hit theaters throughout China on Feb. 8, in the time for the new year.

Check out the trailer below